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To help make this process a little bit quicker we ask that you gather your student loan information such as the FSA ID and NSLDS file for the Federal student loan listing.

You don’t have an FSA ID? No worries.

Just take these steps to create your FSA ID. Go to choose a PIN code which will give you access to your complete federal student loan aid information.

To download your NSLDS file, please complete the following steps:

  1. Browse to the website.

  2. Click on ‘Financial Aid Review’ from the homepage.

  3. Click ‘Accept’

  4. Enter FSA ID (Username / Password)

  5. Click on ‘My Student Data Download’ to download your student file that will be in the ‘txt’ file format.

  6. Save downloaded ‘txt’ file to your desktop.

How To Create FSA ID

Forgot FSA ID Username?

Forgot FSA ID Password?

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